Сollegial bodies should use available tools to achieve transparency and efficiency

Technology and governance do not seem like a likely pairing – one is a tool, and the other a collective act. The board software is one of them. So, how to do it?

Transparency and cooperation in the board software technology

The demands on the management and control bodies in companies are constantly increasing. The digital revolution of recent years, accompanied by real-time communication, is increasingly demanding 24/7 availability and ever-faster decisions from today's executives. Because the public is watching the management and the supervisory board more and more closely, in this course, communication plays a key role in making decisions and acting decisively.

When implementing these requirements, modern answers are required – to facilitate communication and accelerate the workflow in the company. The direction is clear: from conventional paper documents to digital board communication. The solution can be board portals to simplify business records' compilation, distribution, and updating. Board software like BoardMind enables efficient and secure communication processes at the highest management levels in companies. You can read more about its functionality on the https://boardroommind.com/. So, a board meeting allows you to build “from scratch” or optimize the existing schemes of business processes of preparing and conducting meetings, as well as the execution of decisions adopted at meetings. The module is focused on managing the full “life cycle” of meetings at all its stages:

  • planning;
  • conduct;
  • design of results;
  • execution of decisions made.
  • Board software: all the functionality for meetings in one solution

    The most popular form of joint work remains working meetings – both real and virtual. At the same time, due to the lack of convenient tools and basic technologies, ranging from planning and preparation to ending with the actual meetings and implementing further steps, the effectiveness of working meetings today often leaves much to be desired. On this, board software developers focused on creating a platform for collaboration before, during, and after working meetings. The solution ensures compliance with the established regulations and transparency and controllability of all work on the preparation and conduct of meetings. The composition of the works carried out at each stage can be configured for specific processes of the organization.

    The advantages of the board portal software include the following:

    • Automatic mailing to meetings significantly accelerates and simplifies the process of their preparation;
    • The functions of automatically generating the protocol files, and the report, save time through the elimination of routine operations for documenting the results of the meeting;
    • Automatic generation of tasks on decisions adopted at the meeting can significantly reduce the time from the moment of the meeting to receiving the task by the Contractor. As a result, the total temporary costs for the execution of the order will decrease;
    • Protocol files and reports are generated by custom templates, which gives an additional possibility of configuring information presentation;
    • The terms of signing documents are reduced – you can sign formalized and informal documents even from a mobile phone where and anywhere;
    • Full work with instructions on meetings.

    So, using board software tools, you get the opportunity to control the coordination process of each document, track what experts or units are currently working with this document, and sign documents with an electronic signature, thus guaranteeing their authenticity.

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