V Rooms VDR Review

Nowadays, the trend of automation of work with documents continues to strengthen. Thus, Data Rooms like V-Rooms is gaining more popularity among companies.

What is a Virtual Data Room?

With the advent of electronic documents and an increase in their share in the workflow, technological operations with them are carried out incomparably faster, they are easier to automate, and most of the operations with electronic documents can be performed by the participants in the management process themselves, which leads to an increase in the efficiency of enterprise management. The infrastructure of a modern enterprise consists of many interconnected subsystems, which together impose numerous requirements on the electronic document management system. That is why, it is advisable to start designing document management with an analysis of the organizational structure of an enterprise, the focus and transparency of information flows, and reporting principles.

It is important to develop a system that would allow you to track all stages of the life cycle of a document, to form a route of its movement with the maintenance of protocols of user actions and the definition of access rights to the document. In this case, the Virtual Data Room solution is a perfect alternative.

The organization of document storage is one of the most important factors in the performance of a document management system. With an unsuccessful storage structure, the speed of working with documents can significantly decrease depending on the fullness of the database. Therefore, considering this type of requirement, it is necessary to clearly understand the quantitative volume of documents (data) circulating in the organization. And Data Room software can easily deal with it.

Virtual Data Room is an automated multi-user system that accompanies the process of managing the work of a hierarchical organization to ensure the implementation by this organization of its functions.

The functionality of V-Rooms software

V-Rooms is a complex industrial solution that provides automation of the office work process, as well as the maintenance of a completely electronic document flow of an organization. The letter “V” means “Vault” and does a very good job as far as organization and is concerned.

V-Rooms provides the ability to track the stages of the execution of business processes, which makes all activities in the organization transparent for management and controllable. In other words, it is a document management system in which the entire array of created, transmitted, and stored documents are supported using information and communication technologies on computers united in a network structure, which provides for the possibility of forming and maintaining a distributed database. It means that all information is stored in a single database, from which it can be obtained at any time upon request.

V-Rooms performs the following functions:

  • ensures the required level of confidentiality of information and compliance with all regulatory requirements of both office work and international standards;
  • provides secure electronic document management using electronic digital signature and special cryptographic means.
  • provides the possibility of mass conversion of paper documents into electronic form and placing them in the system database using the “Stream scanning” option;
  • supports the full cycle of work with draft documents, including their routing;
  • allows you to work with documents both in the local network and remotely – via the Internet
  • has an open architecture and provides the ability to integrate with other software tools
  • enables the full life cycle of a document in an organization, from creating a draft document to writing it off and transferring it to the archive.
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